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E-learning Videos

From University-led MOOC and Corporate Training to Youtube Channels and courses on Coursera, e-learning videos are transforming the academic and continued learning landscape globally. Digital learners can now access a huge variety of knowledge repository online at anytime and from anywhere.

The Proto Production House worked on extensive e-learning videos for Chargebee, a SaaS-based subscription billing startup and ContentXP, a content experience agency. The production and post-production dynamics for e-learning videos is completely unique and different from other advertising, marketing and sales-focused videos for brands. 

Recent Projects

Chargebee Subscription Academy X The Proto

Team Proto worked closely with Chargebee Subscription Academy, a billing subscription e-learning platform.  

We conceptualised and storyboarded the e-learning videos ad and worked on the script and live footage received from the client. The Post-Production workflow included Video Editing, Graphics & Animation, Titling & Subtitling along with Color Grading and Visual Effects.

Due to meticulous pre-production and planning, we completed the post-production for the e-learning videos in 40 work hours. The entire project was shipped in a week’s time from start-to-finish in line with client requirements and feedback. 


ContentXP Academy X The Proto 

Team Proto worked closely with ContentXP Academy, an e-learning platform for brand marketing courses.  

We conceptualized, storyboarded and scripted the e-learning videos from the ground up through a series of brainstorming sessions with the client. 

Though the client approached us for a post-production project, we went a step further and supported them right from the pre-production stage and collaborated with their British production unit on their on-site production to ensure hassle-free post-production. 

The Post-Production workflow included Video Editing, Titling & Subtitling, Graphics & Animation and Color GradingThe final project was delivered in 15 days according to the client requirements and feedback. e-learning 


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