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Corporate Videos

From Fortune 500 companies to startups and solopreneur businesses, corporate videos are critical assets for brand storytelling. A non-fiction visual narrative compels potential customers to have a higher brand recall when making a purchase decision through well-documented customer success stories, employee engagement programs, and senior leadership interviews in video format. 

The Proto Production House has extensive experience and expertise in making Corporate Videos from concept to post-production and final packaging for varied digital media channels. We excel in Visual Storytelling for brands to help improve their Brand Positioning and Brand Messaging among competitors and customers. 

Recent Projects

Flex + The Proto 

Team Proto is a trusted video production & post-production vendor for Flex, a leading multinational production facility in Chennai. We’ve worked and collaborated closely with the senior leadership and marketing team at Flex during the production of various projects. 

Recently, we delivered employee-focused corporate videos based on the concepts of the “New Normal” and “Back to Office” for Flex, during the pandemic within a quick turnaround. 

Our motto is “Quick with Quality!”. With meticulous pre-production and planning, we create every corporate video from the ground up to completion within a short timespan. For instance, we conceptualized, storyboarded, and scripted the corporate video and received client approval. Then, our production manager hired a team of a highly talented cast and crew and completed on-site production between 2 and 3 work days.

Finally, we worked on the post-production for both in-house production and client production aligning the final output in line with the client’s brand guidelines and requirements. Throughout the entire process from pre-production to post-production and final review, we provide undivided attention and professional consulting for a better outcome. 

Alagappa University + The Proto

Team Proto worked closely with the senior syndicate members and Vice Chancellor of Alagappa University on the Corporate Video  Production & Post-Production in Documentary-style. 

The University approached us to make a documentary for Alagappa University’s NAAC presentation on an international forum. We understood the client briefing and claimed complete ownership of the project right from day one. We were involved in pre-production for scriptwriting and storyboarding along with on-site production in Karaikudi, Tamilnadu. We completed the shooting schedule in 3 working days timeframe and delivered the final video within 3 working days of Post-Production including Video Editing, Titling, Color Grading and Graphics & Animation. 

Alagappa University won international grant after presenting the documentary on NAAC forum. The documentary successfully highlighted the key strengths and longstanding history of the University which won it notable recognition among global academic institutions. 


CREA + The Proto

Team Proto worked closely with MANITHAM Trust and Management Team of CREA, a 12+ years old school in Trichy, Tamilnadu to create a thought-provoking Corporate Video.  

We conceptualised, storyboarded and scripted the corporate video with a series of brainstorming sessions with the Founder and other Founding Members of the MANITHAM Trust who started the school as anon-for-profit initiative for school students in neighbouring villages of Trichy. 

We scheduled and executed live shooting for on-site video production at Trichy in the school premises and neighbourhood. We closely interacted with school students, teachers, and parents to get diverse perspectives about the school. The final project was shipped in 3 work days according to the client requirements and feedback with post-production work including on Video Editing, Titling, Color Grading and Graphics & Animation. 


Venu Engineering + The Proto

Team Proto worked closely with Venu Engineering for Corporate Video Production of their OEM parts manufacturing facility in Pillaipakkam, Chennai. 

We conceptualised, storyboarded and scripted the corporate video with a series of brainstorming sessions with the Managing Director and CEO of the company.  Our production crew scheduled and shot on-site video production in the manufacturing facility according to the storyboard and script as approved by the client. It helped reduce number of revisions due to well-planned pre-production and client approval. 

Ultimately, the post-production turnaround time was 2 work days with the final delivery exceeding client expectations. The corporate video helped the client to strategically position themselves among global competitors and customers.