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Brand Consulting
Branding 360°

Why is Brand Consulting important for your business?

Start-ups and blue-chip companies both invest big on branding year-on-year. It’s because the brand is an investment for the future of every business. Your brand creates a long-lasting identity for your company. So, a right brand strategy can benefit your business with a higher ‘Brand ROI‘. Where to start? Know your products/services, market, competitors and customers at a much granular level. 


  • An art and science for doing business across a global market. 
  • Creates the look and tone of a company.
  • Defines how your customers connect with your company
  • Includes an umbrella of services including Market Research and Brand Analytics. 

How we add value to your business?

Our 360° branding includes Strategy, Content, Communication, Visual Storytelling and Data-driven Analytics. 

Team Proto’s brand consultants will customize a brand strategy for your company. We’ve developed top brands in India and overseas. Visit our Portfolio here. Building a successful brand is a long-term commitment for you and ourselves. So, we will work to get it right! We got the tools, techniques and the professionals on par with global industry standards. 

  • We Respect Timelines and Deliver Best-in-class Projects.
  • Our Team of Professionals have 10+ years of Industry Experience in Building Brands.
  • We Have A Shorter Turnaround Time (TAT) for Client Servicing.
  • We Listen and Collaborate for Excellence. 
  • Our team includes Content Developers, Video Producers and Digital Marketers. We deliver premium 360° Digital Branding services.

Brand Research & Development

  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Product/Services Research & Analysis
  •  Customer Research & Segmentation
  • Defining Brand Vision-Mission-Goals
  • Customer Experience Journey Design
  • Brand Promotion Strategy
  • Brand Campaign Strategy

Brand Management

  • Building Brand Identity & Brand Image
  • Developing Brand Creatives
  • Brand Communication – Internal & External
  • Designing & Delivering Brand Campaigns 
  • Customer Relationship Management on Social Media Channels
  •  Brand Positioning 
  •  Brand Marketing

Brand Analytics

  • Brand Value Assessment
  • Branding – KPIs & Metrics Analysis 
  •  Branding – ROI Analysis
  •  Reporting – Branding Campaigns & Other Initiatives